[Solved] Artefacts at close range

Now that I got my Astra working I started playing around with it.

One think I noticed are artefacts at close range.

As one can see, the Astra there are artefacts within the area of the palm of my hand and those artefacts are interpreted as objects at a certain distance. This could to lead problems in our application (obstacle detection).

Is there away to get rid of these artefacts?


We’ve cleaned this up in the openni orbec drivers for Windows and OS X but still need to do this in Linux for you. Am checking with that team.


Hi James,
I got updated drivers from David Chen and can verify that the artefacts at close range are gone.


Any idea when these changes will make it to the GitHub repository? I need to compile my own OpenNi driver and it would be nice to get the most up to date version.