[Sticky] Astra SDK resources & updates

Hi everyone,

To keep the community up-to-date about what we’re working on, this post will contain the latest development information for the Astra SDK and middleware.



  • December 2015: The #1 priority is skeleton tracking. We’ve been making tremendous progress and will be able to show you more soon.
  • April 26, 2016: Released Astra SDK v0.5.0, available from the links above.

Planned features

These are features that we expect to add to the Astra SDK soon but have not released yet. There is no specific timeline for any of these features.

  • Color stream support for Astra Pro’s UVC (webcam) color camera
  • Manual exposure control and manual white balance

Hi Josh,

Thanks for the update. Cool to see this is being provided thru git. Also good, having updates and feedback. I’m going to try the source you guys provide. Personally, I like having direct access to the source.



Is there any news regarding the Astra SDK UVC for Color camera?
I’m starting to work with Orbbec Persee, and I started to investigate the limitations.