Stream synchronisation of Astra sensor

Hello everyone,

it seems that the color and depth stream are out of sync. If i look at the frame indices, the color stream is one frame ahead. This is even visible in the SimpleStreamViewer example if you enable registration and overlay. When you move the sensor about you can see the depth visualization lag behind the RGB image.

So is there a way to enable synchronous streaming/triggering of color and depth ?
I set both streams to 640x480@30fps. I tried, in a separate test program, to stop one of the streams until the other caught up, but the starting and stopping of a steam takes to long and then the other stream then is ahead 3 or more frames.

The only other solution i can think of is to buffer 2 frame sets on the client side.

Again: thanks for any help in advance.

Orbbec Astra doesn’t support RGBD sync initially. But, per the request of our customers, we are adding RGB-D Sync to our cameras. A detailed explanation will be released within 10 days.

Thanks for the information. I can hardly wait to test it when it comes out. Synchronization will be really useful for my use case since it relies heavily on a common context of depth and colour information.

Excellent! Can’t wait to try this. This is a key feature we’ve been looking for in the Astra sensor.