Track 10 to 15 Users

Hi, I am totally new to this area and have an idea about a game in which I have to track about 10-15 players at a time.

The Body Tracking SDK can track upto 5 persons at a time. Has anyone used other sdk to track 10-15 players with Orbbec cameras? If cant be done with Orbbec can you please suggest a camera and SDK that can achieve this?


The only system that I’ve see. that comes close to that costs around 25000 a year for the licence … And it didn’t use depth cameras but instead worked with hi res images.

It’s called openpose … And comes out of Carnegie Mellon University.

Hello Westa,

Thanks for the reply.

This company tracks more than 15 kids at a time: - YouTube

What is your opinion how they are doing it?


I don’t think they are tracking anyone. The wall looks like it reacts to touch (or objects very close to it).

it works with simple wall as well in which case they project on the wall using projector e.g. INITI Playground Project - Interactive Wall - YouTube

The video in previous post has a SMD tv instead of projector.

That’s a touch system not a tracker imho

well it works on standard brick walls as well, please have a look at the video i sent in another reply in some post.

is there a technology to track touch on big walls?