Tracking capabilities Persee vs. Astra Pro


I have a Persee and sometimes the tracking software is a little bit glitchy. I know this software has not been developed entirely. I wanted to know if there is any significant difference between the tracking performance of the standalone Persee and the computer enabled Astra Pro. Does the small computer in the Persee limit its tracking capabilities? Does an Astra Pro perform a better job with a powerful computer?

Thank you for your help!

Yes the tracking is often glitchy - it depends a lot on the environment and also on the distance being tracked.

But the main issue is that its a structured light sensor - NOT - a time of flight sensor - which means that for example when your hands are in front of your body - the sensor has no idea whats behind those points - which results in very poor tracking at times.

ORBBEC themselves will tell you that their Skeleton Tracks are at best an ESTIMATE of where joins MAY be from frame to frame.


To verify are both the Persee and Astra Pro glitchy? We’re looking for a scanner for a dev project however we’d like to find something that is fairly stable out of the box or we’ll developed since we will be integrating additional protocols that will only complicate development if we are fighting with pre existing issues. Do either of you have a product you’d recommend? We’d like to limit the expense to no more than $400 since Hewlett-Packard has their Z3d at that price point which has spectacular scanning abilities and the David struggle tire sensor systems start to follow after that. We’d like to integrate technologies with either a galvo laser or multi wavelength laser grid and maintain the option for a structured light projector to do comparison object scanning to obj, stl, and dwg files in 3D printing and CNC machining. The desire is to develop the most optimal configuration for use in a job shop or in product development in replicating one off prototypes brought into production. We require accurate measuring and high resolution and it would be ideal to implement the entire process within a 18” x 30” x 18” enclosure. I appreciate any and all recommendations.