Tracking two hands simultaneously in the SDK?

Hi, i just got my Orbbec, and i was eventually able to build the samples on OS X (Yosemite). I have tried both the SimpleHandViewer-SFML and the HandReader and it appears that only one hand can be tracked at a time, not both.

Is this a limitation in the SDK, and if so, is the ability to track two hands at once a planned enhancement?

Thank you!

Hi ceberman,

There is no limitation on number of hands in the hand tracker. It might be that the wave gesture wasn’t detected for your second hand.


Hi Josh,

Does the wave gesture means that I have to wave my hands like crazy to get both of my hands detected? And if i close my hands together it sure gonna lost one of them and than i can keep on shaking my hands forever to get it detected again. I can toss the green dot between my both hands but to detect again as two hands are very difficult.

@cornelius Crazy waving shouldn’t be necessary, but you will need to rotate at the elbow/shoulder (not just wrist) back and forth about 5 swipes total. If is possible that the tuning is excluding your hand for some reason. Try making sure the palm of your hand is flat, facing the sensor. If you’re just having trouble with getting the second hand tracked, try to make sure when you wave the second hand it is far enough away from the first to not obscure it, and also when you wave make sure it doesn’t get too close to your body or head.

When you touch both hands together, it will likely stop tracking them intentionally, since it is unlikely users want interactive control to continue while they are touching their hands together or touching their body.