Unimplemented joints in BodyTracking (Neck, Wrists)

When I’m implementing body tracking, I’m seeing that Neck is not being tracked at all and that Wrists are just points on the line between Elbow and Hand (they never deviate even when the hand is bent).
I wanted to make sure that’s what I’m supposed to see and that I’m not missing something.


I figured out part of the problem. There is a bug in the SDK (2.0.7). The Joint enumeration lists Neck as 19. Neck should be 18. There is an orphan joint emitted in the samples and it shows up where the neck should be. Its ID is 18, not 19.


@chegarty Thanks for reporting this. This is fixed in Astra SDK v2.0.8-beta2, which should be posted on the website next week.