Unity 2017 compatibility

I’m looking for a Kinect replacement - as I’m sure quite a few people are - and was hoping to get some information about using the Orbbec Astra with Unity. I see that there is a beta available for Unity 5.5 (which is now over a year old) but there isn’t much more information out there.

Is there a Unity 2017 version on its way, or any compatibility issues?

Also, has anyone here been using the Astra with Unity? Are there any missing features or stability issues?

Would be great to get some info from anyone with experience.

I was able to get the SDK to build a working Android .apk with Unity 2017.3.0f3 for the Persee running Android 5.1

I assume I could build a Windows .exe for the Astra, but I have not tried.


See this issue and workaround, if you are planning on using UnityEngine.Networking.UnityWebRequest

How were you able to connect the Persee to Unity? Were you using a USB cable? What USB driver did you use?


You only need a regular cable to connect the Persee, see it as an Android device.
On macOS High Serria (10.13.3), I managed to build the Android sample and build it on the Persee successfully.

But I didn’t manage to build the TestScene from the Unity package on the Persee yet.

Edit :

I finally managed to build the apk on the Persee. What you need to do when the USB is plugged is tap the notification and enable USB Storage. I found the solution here : Android File Transfer error: Can’t access device storage (solved) | alvinalexander.com

I’m using Unity 5.5.5f1 (since I weirdly couldn’t import the package on Unity 5.4), and my Persee is on Lollipop (5.1.1).

I used adb install /path/to/my.apk to install my Unity app on the device.

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