Unity 2017 compatibility

You only need a regular cable to connect the Persee, see it as an Android device.
On macOS High Serria (10.13.3), I managed to build the Android sample and build it on the Persee successfully.

But I didn’t manage to build the TestScene from the Unity package on the Persee yet.

Edit :

I finally managed to build the apk on the Persee. What you need to do when the USB is plugged is tap the notification and enable USB Storage. I found the solution here : Android File Transfer error: Can’t access device storage (solved) | alvinalexander.com

I’m using Unity 5.5.5f1 (since I weirdly couldn’t import the package on Unity 5.4), and my Persee is on Lollipop (5.1.1).

I used adb install /path/to/my.apk to install my Unity app on the device.

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