Unity avateering joint orientation issue

I make avateering script with orbbec unity SDK but it has problem.
In my video, it works pretty good but when I raise the knee, its joint doesn’t get rotation value.
How to fix it?
If you need the avatar script, I send email or reply.
Thank you.


+Additional findings

It seems like a problem of Orbbec SDK.
When some condition is met (I didn’t figure out the condition yet), the joint orientation value stops updating and is fixed to a certain value.
Mostly, it happens in legs and waist.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Younger,

Thanks for these information. We will take this into account for our future SDK development. Since Astra SDK is currently at the beta release stage, some functions may not work as expected. It will be further improved when approaching to the stable release.

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Hello Jackson!
Can I know date to update next version?
And is next version’s bodytracking library free?
Thank you.


Hello there
Is it possible for your to send me your code? I am having trouble getting an avatar to move as I do

You can test avatar at TestScene3 of SDK but must fix it because of developer’s mistake.
At “PoseUser” script, add "Astra.BodyStream bodyStream, " to parameter of “OnNewFrame” function.
And reconnect this function to “New Body Frame Event” of “AstraController” object.
Last, play scene. :slight_smile:

If has another issue to except problem of this post, avatar’s arm is twisted when user shakes hands.
I think this is also bug in SDK.

I’ll uploading video for bug reported above.

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Hello, I need help, My character should in position back to the camera, how can do I this? thanks!

Hi sir. Can i refer your avatar script? I’m facing same kind of problem here :frowning:

I have found that the skeletal tracking only tracks position of skeletal nodes, not their rotation.

If you want to see the avatar from behind, you will need to rotate the world node for the avatar manually. You will also need to “un-mirror” the node locations by inverting the x-coordinates of each node.

Hey there,
I know its been 3 years to this topic.
But I want to generate avatar as the body is tracked.
Could not understand how to make it possible because the solutions I am getting are for the older version of astra sdk.
I am using Astra SDK 2.1.3 in Unity v2022.3

I am also struggling in using the SDK as I could not found any documentation to understand the sdk usage.