USB Cable Length for Astra Pro

The USB Cable for the Astra Pro is permanently connected to the device and is too long for cases that require a small form factor. I guess I could cut the wire and attach a USB connector myself on the shortened wire but for the future, it would be nice if these devices came with a female USB jack on the back or something instead of a long attached cable. Then I would be able to attach any cable length I wanted (shorter, longer, etc.). I do see the Persee appears to have just cable connections on the back instead of attached cables and the other option I have is to buy the Mini or Mini S which comes without a case.

Additionally, the flexible table mount on the bottom of the device is easy to remove but the attachment from the Astra Pro to that mount is two very small screws and a connection that was designed to fit only the table mount.

If I want to fix-mount the device, I can’t mount the flexible table mount to something and expect the Astra Pro is going to stay in the same place. So, to make a fixed mount, I removed the flexible mount but it is difficult to attach something else to that same area because of the two small screws and the way it was designed. I would consider making the design of the device more flexible by considering how people would mount the device in a fixed location.

Otherwise, works fine and good work.