User motion tracking


Is there a possibility to have a software release (in SDK) with motion tracking similar to the OpenNI?
I’ll be interested mostly in motion tracking and centre of mass calculation (COM) of a user, rather than skeleton tracking.

Please let me know whether this is part of the development pathway.



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We are currently working on skeleton tracking for our SDK. What are you looking for when you say motion tracking and center of mass calculation that is different than skeleton tracking?

Hi @josh

Well, actually it shouldn’t be. OpenNI version could do motion tracking and COM without skeleton tracking - the user had to pose for skeleton tracking (psi pose). So, I assume that motion tracking is a step before skeleton tracking and I imagine that you could possibly include this functionality in the SDK. 3D motion tracking will help me work on 3D bounding boxes for the users. That’s why I’m keen on this!



@gmast What you’re describing was part of the skeleton tracking pipeline in NiTE. Our skeleton tracking is still in development and uses different techniques, but you should be able to calculate 3D bounding boxes and center of mass as well, when it is ready. No calibration (psi) pose required, either.

Thanks @josh. This is good to know! May I ask when we’ll have this release, or at least a pre-release covering 3D bounding boxes?



We don’t have a timeline to share for release yet.

Hi Josh,

New to the forum and also have an interest in motion tracking or skeleton tracking (which is why I am on this thread).

I assume that you guys are still working on this. But I am just curious what you guys are aiming to achieve. Would there be a full skeleton with (n number of joints)? Would it work on Windows and macOS?

Sorry if I am adding any pressure…

@julrx Yes! Still working hard on skeleton tracking. Full body with specific joints and it is cross platform for all the major OSes.

Hi @josh!

From @gmast 's post regarding motion tracking vs. skeleton tracking, I’m imagining the difference is that the camera will recognize the user more naturally (i.e. without having to pose) with skeleton tracking? I tried to do some research, but I’m new to development with this technology and have limited knowledge of the jargon. Am I correct in my assumption?



if still interested in the subject, please, check Enliteon people tracking which gives real time tracking (30fps) of heads and height. See demo video at
The application is meant mainly for top-down cameras and people counting but there are all the fundamentals to address your problem with some customization.