Using Orbbec Viewer for Gemini 2

I am trying to use the Orbbec viewer for my Gemini 2 camera. the application is able to read the device but it is not getting connected to the device.
Here is the log for the same:

#11 [DEBUG] device added:Orbbec Gemini 2-uid:3-5-13
#12 [ERROR] function:getDevice

What is the issue, I tried it using in different devices as well.

Have you tested the latest version OrbbecViewer? Make sure the USB3 connection

Hey @Nathan , my USB connection is all right but still I am getting the same error in the log for the Viewer. I am able to use the pyorbbecsdk properly with the same USB 3.0 connection.

Is there a resolution of the issue? I have a similar one

The resolution for me was to start the viewer from console with sudo permission