Using Persee as a 3D camera using OTG port

How can I connect Persee to another computer/device (Linux/OSX/Windows/Android) and use it as a camera/3D sensor?
I have the original Android software that came with Persee and it is working correctly as an Android device by itself. NIViewer is working and showing 3D image properly.

I tried connecting Persee from its OTG micro-USB port to my Mac, Linux and Android devices, I only got “device not found” messages.
I was not sure about the order of plugging, so I tried all combinations, but with no luck:
-Plug USB to PC, then plug the power cable to Persee
-Plug the power cable to Persee, immediately plug USB to PC before Android boot
-Plug the power cable to Persee, wait for Android boot, plug USB to PC
-Plug the power cable to Persee, wait for Android boot, run NIViewer on Persee, plug USB to PC

When I plug Persee via USB, in Linux I see a new device folder called /dev/bsg with two file/device entries in it: “00:00:00” and “00:00:01” (these are the names of the files). In Mac I don’t see anything like it. In Android I don’t know a way to see any detailed info about the connection.

Please help. Thank you.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Is anybody from Orbbec watching this forum?

Does anybody else in the forum have an idea on how to use the Persee like an Astra and connect it to a computer?

I would appreciate any help, please my Persee is sitting on my desk doing nothing because of this.

Thank you

I’m having a similar problem with the development board (which is what is used internally in the persee).
I have not found a way of connecting the board to any windows/mac or linux pc and have it recognized.

The orbbec support seems non existent in this, I’m trying to reach out to them through email and any other outlet I can think of, if I can get any answer I’ll let you know.
It’s a shame there isn’t more support in the forums for such a good product, we are actually contemplating to move away from the platform because of this.


Thanks for your support. Please check the answer above from a related topic.


Hi Jackson,

I was just curious what the use of the OTG port is meant for, if not to connect to another computer?


Hi Noah,

Thanks for asking. The micro USB port is intended for use of accessing the internal storage, data transfer and upgrading the system.


Thanks for such a quick response :slight_smile:

I am unable to detect Persee on my PC (Mac OS X - Sierra). Am I just tired from the day or is this a legitimate issue?


Hello Jackson-
How does one use Persee’s “all-in-one device” to create 3D files for export to a program like, eg, RecFusion?

So far, all I can gather is that you can stream RGB to a monitor. Surely I’m missing something!?


I am having the same issue. I have installed Linux on my Persee. Now when I connect it with my Windows PC via MicroUSB, the Windows PC does not detect anything.

I want to install android OS on my Persee.

Best regards
Taha Farooq

persee has its own processing Board we can not connect this with any laptop or PC.