Using two or more astra cameras in the same room

I’m working in a room where two or more astra sensors are working at the same time.
The result is that they are generating noise one to another even if they are not “looking” each other.

This is the depth map taken when just one astra is switched on:

This is the depth map when another astra was switched on:

As you can see in the second case there is a lot of noise.
What we have to do to use more than one astra sensor in the same room ?

Thank you

I’ve read somewhere that on a same case scenario with 2 kinects if you put a motor on one of them in order to shake it you can remove the noise but Im not sure whats happening with the feed since the kinect would have to move. Maybe a way to turn on/off the 2 cams so only one at a time is on would work better, no?

The sensor uses roughly 40,000 beams of light at ~800 nm wavelength to interrogate surfaces. You now have 80000 beams of light in the same environment with 2 sensors. The little pencil size beams emitted from laser are overlapping to a degree and the sensor computers are having some difficultly figuring out which beam is from which sensor. I suggest moving the sensors to orthogonal viewing positions first. IF you cant do that, I suggest moving them vertically away from each other.

I suppose you mean something like this ?
and this?

So there isn’t a real solution to the problem but just some “tricks” to minimize it, right ?