Virus warning with Windows driver


i got a virus warning when downloading the windows driver for Orbbec Astra ( from Avira.

After that i checked with which uses multiple anti-virus and spyware checks and got a 3 out of 55
virus/malware/trojan detection.

I know it is probably just the heuristics detecting a false positive but I’d like the person who packages the installation files for windows to double check if not an infection on their host computer is present.

I work with multiple sensors from different manufactures and did not get a virus warning with any of the drivers except with Orbbec Astra so I hope my cautiousness is understandable.

@bdot3d No virus warning on my laptop for me.
I am using VIPRE antivirus.

it must be a false positive.

From PC Magazine about VIPRE:
Independent lab results and our own hands-on test results for ThreatTrack Vipre Antivirus 2015 range from decent to dismal. You’ll get better protection at the same price by choosing one of our Editors’ Choice antivirus products.”

I do not think your answer is really constructive since I can provide others sources where actually, this anti virus has really good feedbacks.
Anyway, There is no virus warning on another PC with Avast… But It may not be as good as Avira :wink:

I’ve looked into false positive/ false negative ratings at .
Ans it seems Avira does have some problems with false positives but has the best (with Kaspersky) false negative rating. Also today virustotal said 4/52 anti virus tools detected something in the installation file.