Vvvv support - C# status? Shared texture?

I use vvvv for development, which sports a couple of ways to integrate imaging hardware - via C#, and DirectX shared textures.

Any update on C# support? There are C# wrappers for OpenNI2, would that work in the meanwhile?

I would also be OK with running a separate camera process and handing off the image data via a shared texture. Anyone try that yet or have any pointers?

Thanks folks!

C# support is on our roadmap but it’s not here yet. You could use OpenNI2 .NET library with our OpenNI2 distribution. (Make sure openni2/drivers contains orbbec.dll (or liborbbec.dylib/liborbbec.so) and orbbec.ini.)

Thanks Josh! I’ll give it a shot… I know if I can figure out a vvvv plugin the vvvv users would be very interested in your cameras.