Weird grid pattern on depth image

Hi All,

Have got the Astra pro up and running just fine with a model I purchased ~18 months ago.

Received shiny new Astras today and am getting a weird grid pattern all over the depth image.

Have not changed any SDKs or drivers etc ?

Any clues would be gratefully received.

Hi Chris,

May I ask if this effect was appeared with the Astra SDK 2.0.7 Beta? If yes, please download our just released Astra SDK 2.0.8 Beta2, which should have this fixed.

Yes, it works !

Thanks a lot for your help.

Keep up the good work orbbec team :thumbsup:

We get the same pattern, and we use Astra SDK 2.0.8 Beta2.
More than that - we have several cameras, we connect them to the same computer, so all the environment setting is identical.
All the cameras are Astra Pro.
For several of those cameras (that we got from the same shipment) we get this pattern, and for several others we don’t,
so it seems something in the camera itself. Any ideas?