What is the cause between the different ranges of the Orbbec Astra models?

I understand that the 3 models - Astra, Astra S and Astra Pro - are designed for different applications and that is why the maximum range of the sensors are different. However I’m wondering how you have designed them to make them different ranges? Is this down to the cameras and components you use or is it down to coding or processing?

I’m just starting out at playing with 3D imaging and I don’t yet understand the link between maximum and range and how it’s designed. I’m hoping you could help me to understand this, thanks

The answer of developer:
Q: Astra Mini has 5 meters as diapason, Astra Pro - 8 meters. What does the diapason depend on? Is it possible to get the hardware board from Mini that will work for 8 meters?
A: 5 meters is the optimal distance. The depth performance should be the same as Astra or Astra Pro.

Fwiw. … The astra and astra s appear to be basically the same hardware device with slightly different firmware. When compared side by side they really don’t seem to deliver that different outcomes.

The astra s … May have a slight edge in close range sensitivity … But your milage may vary and it feels very subjective. Neither device is great below around 40cm. As far as we can see the difference relates to projected laser grid.

The astra pro also delivers the same sort of depth data … but has a different colour camera … Which asks side note requires more complex solutions for depth to collect registration.