What's the procedures of making Astra work on raspberry pi3

I’m a beginner in robotics and programming. Currently, I’m doing a school project on visual SLAM. I was given a UGV powered by a raspberry pi-like brain. (It’s actually an Erle Brain, which might be different from a normal raspberry pi but I don’t know) I have tried to install the ROS wrapper for Astra camera provided by the following link:

However, I cannot build it successfully on the Erle Brain. I tried the same on my laptop, it works perfectly and the installing procedure didn’t take long. While building on the Erle Brain, at first it showed lacking of some nodelet and bond related files, so I build the nodelet_core and bond_core from source. Then I saw the errors like below:

In file included from /home/erle/catkin_ws/src/bond_core/bondcpp/src/timeout.cpp:30:0:
/home/erle/catkin_ws/src/bond_core/bondcpp/include/bondcpp/timeout.h:58:8: error: ‘SteadyTimer’ in namespace ‘ros’ does not name a type
ros::SteadyTimer timer_;

Which I know may not be related to you. I just list it here to see if someone knows how to solve this issue.

I do see many guides on installing the drivers, but none of them gives a clear procedure for pure beginners. I always stuck in the middle. I’m hoping someone can help me out by providing a clear step-by-step guideline on how to make Astra work on pi. Even just proper depth and color steaming is good enough. And the os on the pi doesn’t have GUI, so a pure command-line guidance would be much appreciated. I will be really appreciated if someone can help me out here.Thanks.