Why Astra Stereo S U3 does not use Stereo Vision?

As far as I understand, Astra Stereo S U3 is working on structured light for now in which it uses one of the IR cameras and Projector for it.

Since there are two IR cameras, why don’t stereo vision is employed? Is it in the pipeline?

I use two Astra Stereo S U3 cameras that look at the same scene. Due to structured light technology, there could be interference between them and I am fearing of losing some data in one or both the cameras.

Is Astra Stereo S U3 are factory calibrated like other second generation of Astra cameras (Stereo S and Embedded S)? If yes, then why the distortion coefficients are always equal to zero. (I checked with OpenNI Extended API)

If this is true, it’s really bad, as they market it as avoiding interference between multiple sensors. I have not personally experienced such an interference, although I only tested with a couple of them briefly.

I have not experienced any interference either. There is no clear documentation about their use of stereo vision in S U3 cameras.