Windows driver INF file change

A small problem I have with Orbbec cameras is that on Windows the driver does not successfully install if its behind a usb hub. This creates a lot of inconvenience directing users to manually install the appropriate driver by going through the device manager.

I think this is because its a composite device issue, and to fix it,
obdrv4.inf needs to be modified,
%USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0400.DeviceDesc%=obdrv4.Dev, USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0400&MI_00
%USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0401.DeviceDesc%=obdrv4.Dev, USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0401&MI_00
%USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0402.DeviceDesc%=obdrv4.Dev, USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0402&MI_00
%USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0403.DeviceDesc%=obdrv4.Dev, USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0403&MI_00
%USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0404.DeviceDesc%=obdrv4.Dev, USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0404&MI_00
%USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0405.DeviceDesc%=obdrv4.Dev, USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0405&MI_00

changed to
%USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0400.DeviceDesc%=obdrv4.Dev, USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0400
%USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0401.DeviceDesc%=obdrv4.Dev, USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0401
%USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0402.DeviceDesc%=obdrv4.Dev, USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0402
%USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0403.DeviceDesc%=obdrv4.Dev, USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0403
%USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0404.DeviceDesc%=obdrv4.Dev, USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0404
%USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0405.DeviceDesc%=obdrv4.Dev, USB\VID_2BC5&PID_0405

for both [Orbbec.NTx86] and [Orbbec.NTamd64]

I am wondering if this is something you guys want to do as it would save me a lot of trouble resigning the drivers with my own certificates.

@David @josh

What sensor type do you have. When did you receive the sensor. What are the numbers on the back. This will help Orbbec fix the problem.

Hi IronPlanet!

I have the Astra S, I got the one with new PCB version.

Out of curiosity, do you not have this problem? If you uninstall the current driver and reinstall it, attach any Astra device to a USB hub and then attach it to the computer, would the drivers install automatically under Windows or do you have to manually specify the driver to use?

I think the problem is not specific to a particular camera model, it is simply the hardware ID matching rule in obdrv4.inf that came with SensorDriver-4.4 is too stringent.


I have the same issue as you had but seems that updating the INF doesn’t solve the problem.

Do you have suggestion how should I proceed?