Windows Driver Install Doesn't Appear in Device Manager


I was able to initially install the Driver and see it listed in the Device Manager. Then I was able to run the trial demos and observed the body tracking work.

Next I accepted a Win10 Update. And since then, I cannot get the demos to work, nor does the Orbbec driver appear in the Device Manager as the instructions show. I did read about folks having problems connecting through a USB extension hub, which I had been also using. So, I connected directly to the workstation and have tried several uninstall/install cycles. No success.

I’ve tried to install on 3 other Win10 machines also with no success.

Am I correct in that I should see the “Orbbec” Driver listed like right under “Network Adapters” and it has to be listed for the Demos to work?

Kinda stuck at this point. Does anyone have a suggestion? Is this a simple Win10 update and now incompatible issue? New drivers on the way?

Any advice will be appreciated!


Update: The problem was the unit itself. I bought another to test and it just instantly worked. The new unit, when first plugged in, starts the left most emitter with the red light (The IR emitter?). Anyway it’s a visual clue it’s working. Starts for a few seconds then goes off. The initial unit, when first plugged in, has no red emitter come on.

And as expected the device now shows in the Device Manager and my test app works.

Seems to be a faulty device. troubling in it’s own right, as I’m hoping to deploy this in a 100+ degree and somewhat stressful environment.

Hope this helps someone.