XSPlugin c or c++11/14 (has std::make_unique)

I’m trying to build the sdk from src and run into a snag.
XSPlugin on_stream_added has a call to std::make_unique. Astra/astra_cxx_make_unique.hpp will enable c++14 make_unique for c++11 compilers. Isn’t XSPlugin c not cpp? I thought it must be c to be compatible with the pipeline/plugins? I’m in xcode7 and I think I’ve resolved the bulk of the dependencies including protobufs and Shiny.h (modifiied ShinyTools with a cast to uintptr_t instead of uint32_t).
Thank you.

Not a lot of luck getting c++11 build working. I’ve moved on to c++14. I suspect I’ve got something setup wrong or Astra/astra_cxx_make_unique.hpp isn’t detecting that the project was set to c++11.

hello , i try to make GitHub - orbbec/astra: Orbbec Astra SDK - build amazing 3D apps with Orbbec 3D cameras latest master branch ,the error “fatal error: Shiny.h: No such file or directory” ,so i try to find the file in …/vendor/shinyprofiler/ ,but not find it . who can tell me where is the Shiny.h file ?