"Your Gestoos license has expired!" popup window

When booting my Gestoos application I’m presented with a popup window saying “Your Gestoos license has expired!” with further text suggesting I go to the Gestoos documentation page to renew or obtain licensing information. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any licensing information in the Gestoos community, and the links to re-download the Orbbec installers on Developers - ORBBEC - 3D Vision for a 3D World are Forbidden/403 links.

Does anybody know how to address this or obtain a license? My application has been working for months and is now dead, unfortunately, 12 hours before a product demo.

Gestoos has always stated they requiring renewal of licences every 3 months.
Its likely they have changed something in their licencing system over the weekend.
Time will tell I guess if thats for the better

http://gestoos.com/community/ is the direct link to the gestoos community website - but that link appears to be down as well since it points back to the orbbec website :frowning: