Astra Mac/Serial Addressing

I have 3 Astras going into a USB hub then into a Mac Mini. I currently call


or “sensor1”, “sensor2”, etc. However, since this enumeration is determined by the order in which they are connected to the computer, I can’t reliably send the correct camera stream to the right part of my app without having to carefully unplug them all and make sure I plug them in in the right order.

Is there any way to call “StreamSet( device_uri )” on a specific serial number or mac address? How do I get the address of a given device?

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in my case, i use 2 camera fotonic p60u series with astra SDK,
theres app from fotonic called ‘fotonic viewer’, when i open that app i realize that if I connect multiple camera and try to ‘scan’, app will show list of camera, this order of list camera always match with function for open device by Uri on openni sdk,
so before i stream camera, i list camera with function from openni, so i know that device/sensor0 or first camera is for camera that first appeared on the order list.

link for enumerates camera :
Universal Download Thread for Astra Series Cameras (Multi Camera Control Sample Code for Astra/Astra S)

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Thanks for this suggestion, but I’m afraid it doesn’t work for me. I’m using the Astra, not the Fotonic camera and I’m not using OpenNI. Is there no way to get this information using just the Astra SDK? This is a major problem.