Universal Download Thread for Astra Series Cameras

Update History:
12/13/2017 Add ‘ObViewer’ for accessing depth and RGB streams with Astra Pro series cameras.
11/29/2017 Updated ‘OpenNI Extended API’ to add more control options for the camera.

Windows Driver for Astra/Astra S/Astra Mini

OpenNI 2 for Windows

OpenNI 2 for Linux

OpenNI 2 for OSX

ROS Package for Astra

Calibration Tool for Astra - Advanced Users Only

Calibration Tool for Astra Pro - Advanced Users Only

How to Access UVC RGB Camera on Astra Pro Through OpenNI 2

Multi Camera Control Sample Code for Astra/Astra S

Note: If you have laser control issue when working with Astra/Astra S/Astra Pro, please turn off the LDP using the API provided in the All-in-one API package below.

Laser Projector Control (Included in Multi Camera Control)

Proximity Sensor Control Sample Code

Reading S/N Through OpenNI 2

Camera Control: OpenNI Extended API Sample Code


The OpenNI2 for Windows x64 folder is empty.

Thank you David, these will be very useful.


OpenNI samples found at for ASTRA OpneNI>Samples>Bin are not working in windows 64bit with ASTRA S. However, I have tried ASTRA SDK samples and those are working. I need ASTRA S to work with OpenNI to use with MATLAB. Please, advice on this.

Fixed. Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

It seems that the library file designed for Astra is missing in your OpenNI. We have detailed solution in our installation guide. You can find the guide in the SDK package you downloaded.

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Hi David

Thank you for all these packages.
I have a question. Do you also have in the OpenNi for linux the OpenNI-Linux-x64-2.3.zip without filter?
I would like to compare the performance when running with or without filter?

Thank you very much.
Best Regards

Hi David,

I’m installing ASTRA S drivers in my laptop. Do we still need to copy those library files ?

Hello David
I am using the Samsung Galaxy s8 now.
The helloni2 app does not work on the Samsung Galaxy S8.
Because the helloni2 app does not support the arm-v8 library.
Can you provide an arm-v8 library?
If so, please let me know how to intergrate with helloni2 app.