Astra SDK doesn't deliver depthframe

I started to get depthframes with OpenNI-interface (Astra S) and everything works well.

Now i wanted to get the depthframes as shown in the astra sdk tutorial. My problem is similar to this topic: Why does get_latest_frame() deliver no frame?

Neither the procedure with “get_latest_frame()” nor the procedure with the FrameListener are working. In the first case my program stops at “get_latest_frame()” and waits the whole time for the frame. In the second case the listener waits the whole time for a frame but there isn’t one.

I’ve changed the usb-port - still the same problem.
I’m wondering because the samples in the SDK (they use the same functions) are working well.

Are there any experiences with these issues?

Thank you!
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Solved !

Solution: Having trouble getting depth frame data after following stream data example