Cant Run Sample of Astra in Ubuntu 14.04


We have ordered Persee Development Kit for testing purpose.

I have installed Ubuntu 14.04 on that. I have downloaded latest OpenNI from official source. I am able to build and compile the sample examples. I want the Depth points in x, y, z .

Later I downloaded Astra SDK from git repository. I built and compiled successfully. But When I try to execute any of them, it throws an error with following message.

DepthReaderEventCPP: /home/orbbec/astra/src/astra_core/astra_stream_connection.cpp:197: void astra::stream_connection::get_parameter(astra_parameter_id, size_t&, _astra_parameter_bin*&): Assertion ‘parameterBinHandle != nullptr’ failed.

depthStream --hFov: Aborted

Please help me as soon as possible.

Hello Pradipp,

I just had a similar issue with ubuntu 14.04 on an x86-64 desktop. In my case the problem was that I was linking to a version of openni2 installed from the ubuntu repos. The solution was to link to the precompiled openni included with the astra sdk.

Since the persee is arm-based, maybe this one:

Hopefully that helps. If not, you can try posting the trace info from astra.log after enabling it in astra.toml, as explained here.

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