Compatibility Astra Pro and OpenNI2


I’m proud to be one of your contributors for your products. I’ve selected the Astra Early bird package and i would like to ask you some questions about the compatibility of your Astra Pro sensor and OpenNI SDK to be sure of my choice between the Astra and the Astra Pro sensor.
Just saw in another subject (Is it possible to use OpenNI with the Astra Pro?) that the Astra Pro video format (720p) is not compatible with OpenNI, but is there any way to make your HD sensor send 640x480 video format to the sdk? If it is not possible, is it possible to only use depth stream with openNI to get skeleton tracking and to open the video stream separatly (like a webcam video stream)?

Thank you in advance!

Instead of a new thread, posting in the existing one, which you have already found (with the same thread title), would have been better - less noise, more focus.

Hi Antony,

You can open the depth stream of Astra Pro with OpenNI and use lit like normal. The color stream of Astra Pro is only accessible through the UVC (webcam) interface, which OpenNI doesn’t support. We are working on better Astra Pro color support for the Astra SDK, but it isn’t ready yet.

As for skeleton tracking, we are working on our own skeleton tracking (#1 priority right now) and will update when we can share news!

Hi Josh,

Thank you very much for your answer. I finally received the sensor form the indiegogo campaign and was able to get depth and video streams (as webcam) on Linux.
I’m looking forward to try your skeleton tracking system :slight_smile:


since the
color stream is only accessible through UVC, I use to create an OpenNI stream. But with
this solution I need to manage two devices which complicate matters. Also some
problems regarding synchronisation of the streams

Therefore I’m hoping for swift progress in the development of the Color stream support
for Astra Pro’s UVC color camera.

Hi, please try the sample code here:

and the source code here:

They will help you get RGBD via openNI.


Hi @David,

I was not able to make it work. Does anyone run it ?
OpenNI does not find my Sensor apparently… Weird!

Hi @Victor
I run OpenNI 2.2 and works fine. Have you installed the driver for Astra? This comes separately from the SDK.



Hi @gmast,
Yes i have installed both Astra drivers and SDK. I have also installed OpenNI2.


EDIT: It looks like OpenNI is not able to open devices …
Basically, with the ObViewer Rev1.2 project I am able to run it but I am struggling to open a device with OpenNi2 apparently XD

Hi @Victor,

Alright, I got it now.
Have you copied the Orbbec.dll and Orbbec files from:
…\ObViewer-Release\OpenNI2\Drivers to C:\Program Files\OpenNI2\Samples\Bin\OpenNI2\Drivers



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Hi @gmast,
I have just done it … without any success …

EDIT: @gmast it is working in fact but with 32 bits version actually.

Thanks for your helpful advice :slightly_smiling:

EDIT2: Indeed, I completely mixed up the DLL between 32 and 64 bits.
This sample is working fine then… Wonderful Depth image colored with yellow ^^


I have the same problem as @Victor with a depth image colored but the color seems like with a yellow filter. Is-there any solution to this problem ?

Hi @Thibault
Can you please post an image.


@gmast I guess he refers to:

hi @gmast @Victor
Its not what I get. I got the color of the image but like with a yellow filter. See the image below:


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@Thibault Do you have the Astra Pro ?

@Victor Yes it’s what I have.

@Thibault Well apparently, you are able to stream color where as I am not then …
Any idea what is going on there ?

@Victor maybe you just dont set the color for each point in the pointcloud.

Hi David,

can you re-upload the sample code to get RGBD-Data via OpenNI?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: