Depth discontinuities at 1.25M

Sorry if this question has been answered before (I can’t find the exact issue with search). When using the Astra Pro camera, there seems to be a “blind spot” between 1.25M and 1.3M; where any depth that fells between would be “clamped” to either 1.25 or 1.3. This is best demonstrated via these 2 videos:
(Video from SimpleDepthViewer in SDK)
(Video of point cloud)

As you can see there is a gap between 1.25 and 1.3M. I would like to know if this is a hardware issue, or a software bug. Thank you very much.

Have you tried that on other environments? Is it a constant behavior on different environments? Look like it is not totally discrete/definite discontinuity would it be due to the specific constructive/destructive reflections on the specific environment?

It is not specific to an environment. It’s either a hardware or firmware bug. See here: Diagonal ridge in point cloud

Hi Guys,I have purchased Astra S in 2016 and didn’t use it because of this artifact. Want to try the camera again, but need to know if Orbbec remedied it or not.

In this post, @Jackson claims that cameras shipped in 2018 don’t have this bug: Orbbec Astra-S - distorted depth image - #12 by Jackson

I did not check this for myself. We’ve had three Astra Mini S shipped to us in September 2017, and all of them still had the bug. Perhaps it’s really been fixed, who knows.