Extrinsic calibration for Linux

I am trying to calibrate the extrinsics of two of my cameras: Orbbec Astra and Orbbec Astra S in Linux, Ubuntu 14.04 with Indigo. It seems that the calibration packages here are only for windows. My question is, is there a package or a tool for this calibration in Linux?


Check the tutorial out.

Thanks I will update if it works!

How to Calibrate a RGBD_Camera also can give you some ideas about it. But you have to modify some commands in order to fit your astra camera in Linux.

I already tried that package and It does not work. The extrinsic part charges both green lines FULL but stays there, there is no output nor error.

If it the green light appears hit calibrate and save. The calibration files should be in .ros folder.

As I understood in the package, monocular calibration only provides with RGB calibration but what about depth? Running camera_calibration calibrate.py image:=/camera/depth/image_raw does not detect in any way the chessboard.
Also, when I was saying that the green lines appear, it was with the extrinsic calibration package from ROS, not about the monocular one.