Issues with Persee power management

To all developers: be aware that if you connect a Persee over usb and HDMI then the device will startup automatically and break down. Orbbec is refusing to fix this even though it is not mentioned in the manual that this is a prohibited use.
It happened to me by mistake, the sensor was connected over HDMI, USB and to the power. But actually the power plug was not connected. The device was starting up and I was not aware that sth was wrong… a couple of minutes later I realised that it was still starting up and so I contacted the Orbbec team. They are currently refusing to fix it calling it prohibited use. Have any of you been warned that this is a prohibited use??

Hi DrAndrew,

Thanks for bringing this question here. Persee is a standalone device, which requires stable power input to function correctly according to the instruction manual. If there was a mistake during the operation and Persee was crashed, by following the instruction to reflash the system image provided on the forum should be able to get it fixed. If reflashing the system does not solve this, please do not hesitate to contact us at Orbbec does offer inspection and replacement services by following the terms and conditions. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to you.

Hi Jackson, thx for the reply. I am in contact with your team but I am not satisfied with the solution. I believe the issue is in your device that is starting up automatically even though it has no power connected. If the power over USB is not enough it should simply not wake the device up.Especially it should not break the device.
In your manual it says: “Persee is connected to the HDTV or display through HDMI cable. It will
automatically power on if the power adapter and HDMI cable are connected correctly.”
The problem is that it starts up without connecting to power, it is enough it is connected to USB and it is breaking later.

It is not clear in the manual and suddenly it becomes prohibited use. I would like you to tell me before I send you the sensor if you are going to fix it or blame it on prohibited use?