Manual set of exposure and white balance

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Is AutoExposure and AutoWhite Balance working on OpenNI and Linux? I have this code in my application:

auto camSettings = colorStream.getCameraSettings();
camSettings->setExposure(32) != openni::STATUS_OK)

But the exposure (lightness of the frame) is still determined by camera and lighting conditions. If I put something dark or light in front of the camera, the camera adapt automatically. However, for some specific reasons, I need to do this manually.

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Unfortunately it isn’t in the sdk, yet. It’s in our queue of todo items, though.


I wonder if manual exposure is now supported? Also, can I set exposure at run time?


There is a firmware update that allows manual exposure and white balance through OpenNI2. Please email for more information.

(Note: Astra SDK doesn’t expose this yet but it is on our roadmap.)

Hi Josh,
thank you for the reply. I’m already in contact with David. Now we have Orbbec Astra Pro S cameras and we are targeting Linux platform. Since Astra SDK in not yet fully supported on Linux, we are using OpenNI. However, for the color stream we use OpenCV with V4L backend (OpenNI can’t open Astra Pro’s HD camera).
I will ask David for the firmware update.

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Hi there,

Are there any news with the theme of the exposure time and the autowhitebalance?

I would like to use it with the Astra SDK in a c++ Opencv project.

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Is there any news about Manual Setting of Exposure and Gain?


Same question – is this feature supported in the latest version of the ros_astra_camera node/nodelet?


So, guys, have you implemented these features?
Can we use them in ROS?

Thank you