Persee+ - missing instruction and drivers

I see no one responding here but i will give a try. My hardware:

  • persee+ (android)
  • computer on windows 11

I can’t explore device storage and upload .apk. Device is not showing in explorer and not even in device manager - only it’s motherboard “g12b_w400” is visible. I tried to do steps mentioned in persee (not plus) but not helped. Previously I was working with astra pro and all worked correct.

Could you, dear orbbec or somebody from commnity, provide documentation/instruction, drivers or just something - because giving only a cam and “now it is your problem” is a kind of joke

Hi Damian,

with the Persee+ turned on and powered by the main supply cable, use an hair pin (or something similar) to push the small button inside the plug for the headphone of the Persee. Keep the button pressed and connect the type C cable to your PC and the Persee will open a window to load some updates.

I’m not sure this is the way you should use to update the APK because I’m working with an Ubuntu os installed on the Persee, but I hope this can help.


Davide, thank you very much for your reply!
I didn’t know that there is reset button inside jack hole. After pressing it I have this menu:

Reset options:

  • Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth
  • Reset app preferences
  • Erase all data (factory reset)

Btw. do you have any instruction to how to work with persee+? installing drivers on PC or something like that?

I’m very suprised that, there is literally nothing on how to start (I don’t mean coding stuff). What I need is go inside device storage from PC and see all files

Hi Damian,

I agree with you, it is not easy to find the resources to start with the camera. You can find most of the material in the Download page of Orbbec and in this topic: Orbbec SDK Beta Release

Unfortunately I cannot help with the Android OS, you can try to write to the support and hope they can provide you more information.

Hi damianjakubiuk,

Maybe you could change some settings to figure out this problem.
1st, choose MTP in developer mode on Persee+.
— “settings”->device preferences->about->build
— “developer options”->select usb configuration under networking->MTP(media transfer protocal)
2nd, install MTP drivers on PC
—select drivers for “g12b_w400”, choose “Portable Devices-> MTP USB device” then click next. Your device will be then recognized after the installation.