Problem with RGB camera on Astra Pro

Hi - I’m having troubles getting the RGB camera working in my Astra Pro (via. the Example Apps … both SimpleStreamViewer & SimpleColorViewer).

The standalone SimpleDepthViewer app works correctly, however, both apps containing the color stream hold / freeze at the log line:

2016-01-04 18:02:21,081 INFO [PointProcessor] created point stream
(see full log output here: Orbbec Simple Stream Viewer Output · GitHub)

I’m testing out the Astra Pro on Mac OS X 10.11.2 (public beta). Also to note, the RGB camera is not detected via. the system Neither Photo Booth or FaceTime pick it up, which I believe It should.

Thanks for your help!

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I have the exactly same problem with my Astra Pro device on my laptop and desktop.
The SimpleDepthViewer app is working well but the RGB camera seems be not working on both SimpleStreamViewer & SimpleColorViewer - only black screen). However, the RGB camera itself is working.(checked on Skype video)
(I tried to upload the log but te new user has no permission. anyway…)

Best Regards
Sinis Haru

Just an update on my side. I tested Skype and just like @Sinis - the HD camera shows up there. So I can confirm it’s working. It also appears in my System Information app, under “Cameras”.



I am having the exact same issue on Windows.
It seems that the reader is stuck at

astra::Frame frame = reader.get_latest_frame();

more precisely at this line:

astra_reader_open_frame(m_readerRef->get_reader(), timeoutMillis, &frame);

It is also working with Skype as a classic Webcam…

Is there any lead on that ?

EDIT: I am working with a Orbbec Astra Pro, on Windows 7 64 bits and VS2013

I have just realized the answer was there: Color Image Not Firing On Frame Event - #2 by josh

@eheaton A quick catch up: There is no solution until know to stream RGB images with the Astra Pro.