Questions about Femto Mega / Streaming data / macOS SDK

Hey all!

I’m a long time Kinect v1, v2 and Azure DK user and developer of the openFrameworks project.
Looking to switch to the Femto Bolt and Femto Mega.

I was really hoping that the Femto Mega allowed for dev on the Jetson board, but it sounds like that is not currently supported.

I was wondering a couple of things though:

  • Does the macOS SDK support the Femto Mega camera? This would be huge for us.
  • Is the data sent via the Femto Mega in a format that can be parsed by anyone connecting via Ethernet? ie: can we send data to devices which aren’t running the SDK. This would also be interesting.
  • how is the uptime / reliability?
  • anyone experimented with 3-4+ devices connected to the same machine?

Many thanks!

Please contact Orbbec team at for help.

Thanks! I did send an email but got nothing back. :man_shrugging:
Figured the forums might be a better place to get some answers.

@oftheo did you ever get any information regarding these questions? I also reached out over email but didn’t get a reply.

I’m in a similar situation wondering whether to migrate from multi azure kinect setups to Femto Mega.

If anyone (@Nathan including Orbbec staff!) can speak to the Femto camera’s capabilities as an ‘upgraded’ Azure Kinect, as well as a standalone Jetson dev board, I would love to hear their experience. It’s hard to find any information online about real-world usage of the device. There’s no reviews or overviews I can find.

@matth_31 - yes, so The Femto Mega does work with macOS but via ip address only with 1.8 SDK ie connected via ethernet.

This is not official support yet, but it does work ( see my forum post ).

A few days ago on the OrbbecSDK Github the dev team confirmed macOS support for IP and USB for Femto Mega coming late Jan 2024. See the comment here:

There is currently no onboard jetson processing access, so that is not an added benefit.

I would say the pros for me have been:

  • Less processing for the Desktop computer because it happens on the Jetson
  • Long ethernet cable runs that are way easier and cheaper than long USB 3.0 runs
  • Ethernet is generally more stable than USB for long term installs
  • macOS support coming!
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thanks @oftheo

the recent post here is also very helpful:

MacOS already supports Femto Mega with the OrbbecSDK 1.9.3. ( orbbec/OrbbecSDK: Orbbec SDK C/C++ base core lib (