RGB-D Sync Project

Dear Orbbec friends,

We received requests from different industries asking us to add RGB-D Sync to our 3D cameras. During the past few weeks, Orbbec made great effort on realizing this function on our existing products. Now I am glad to inform you, a new version firmware has been release to help you enable RGB-D sync on our products.

Before moving forward, please read the following information carefully:

  • Only Orbbec Astra and Astra S are supported; (Will support Astra Pro and Astra Pro S in the future :grinning:)

  • Only support Astra and Astra S which has a FW version of 1.05 or 1.06;

  • Please do NOT downgrade your FW;

How to check your FW version?
Step 1: Download the tool from: Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life

Step 2: Run RunMe_FW1.07_ASTRA (or ASTRA S) (Don’t click upload or run other executables)

Step 3: Check the image above for two things:

  • FW version

  • PID. The PID of Orbbec Astra is 0x0401. The PID of Astra S is 0x0402. If you found it 0403 or 0404, then your device is NOT suitable for the update;

Step 4: If your device fulfils the requirement of PID + FW version; Please click on Upload

Step 5: Unplug your camera. Plugin again.

Important Note:

  • Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee all Astra cameras work with the FW update.
  • Since RGB-D Sync is an extra feature we added to our original design, Orbbec will not be responsible for any damage caused by updating the FW.

RGBD Sync for Astra S released.

Is there a way to update the firmware from 1.04 to 1.05? Because the link to 1.05 actually contains FW 1.04 for the Astra S.

Is there any timeline on RGB-D sync for Astra Pro?


I have a FW 1.0 and 0401 device, can I update?

Do not update unless your camera was shipped with FW 1.05 or higher. Unfortunately due to changes in the PCB, earlier revisions cannot be updated to 1.07.

I’m unclear on the state of this – I have some brand new astras. The link in this thread to the firmware updater is broken so I can’t check or update. Is RGB-D sync built in now, or is there a new way of enabling it?

Hi, we badly need the sync feature, therefore I need to know which Astra camera is suitable for sync and where to download the firmware if needed.

Hi johoe,

All of the cameras in our online store have already equipped with the up-to-date firmware. Depending on your desired sensing range, Astra or Astra S should be good options to start testing.

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