Skeleton tracking in SDK


I found the skeleton stream in the SDK and made an example trying to show the result. However, it is surprisingly slow and I could even not visualize the skeleton result. So how this skeleton perform? Has anyone got a practical skeleton tracking example using the SDK?
Thanks in advance!


You’ve found a stub for our future (current) work. :slight_smile: There in no actual skeleton tracker in the released SDK. It’s just a placeholder while we are working on skeleton tracking. This is our #1 priority at the moment.


Any idea when this will be ready?

@pi_man We aren’t announcing a date but you’ll hear when it’s ready! We’re still working on it full steam.

Look forward to it, thanks.

@josh : any news on this? Do you have an estimated release date?
Thanks, Piers

The only thing I can say is we will release it as soon as it’s ready, and no earlier or later. :slight_smile:

Is there any other open source project available to estimate human pose? Thanks! I am also looking forward to this feature.

Hi Josh.
I am very interested to your ASTRA pro in our interactive system but I need to resolve the skeleton tracking.
Have you date of Unity 3D support for your product too?
Do you have good news about that?

Hi Salvo, these are all in progress but we do not have a release date yet.

Yes looking forward for that feature. Actually with no skeleton tracking and Unity support I cannot really work with your product because of the pipeline that we use at my job.

The last time you send a reply about Skeleton tracking and Unity support is up to november 2016, it’s been like 5-6 months I know you said that we will know it when it will come out, but just wondering if it still a priority those 2 features and if it is going well?

Keep up the good work


Hi Josh,
Can you provide us more information about the skeleton SDK release?
Just a time estimation would be really appreciated by every developers who need this feature.

Really thank you for your help and your good job.



Hi Josh,

When could we have orbbec Unity SDK, we need simple depth data to process further and use in our application on android. could you please help me with this?

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Hi Orbbec Team !

Instead of providing us the long time promised featuere “Skeleton Tracking” you now make advertisement for
Nuitrack ?
And nuitrack is quite not cheap for Persee (even its only an implementation for android):
$699 - activation fee (includes support and 10 licenses)
$39.99 for each Persee afterwards

Is it only tactics from you writing once a year things like “these are all in progress but we do not have a release date yet.” … ?
Much work in many startup companies depends on if you will ever release a Solution for Skeleton Tracking on a Arm device like the persee.
So joking with us our customers is not as funny as you think.
There is also some rumour in the net that some people allready have this “libskeleton” from orbbec.

“@JoshuaBatty Not sure which version of what you’re trying to compile, but we haven’t officially released any version of libskeleton yet, so any version of libskeleton that you may have is unsupported (and could be a time-limited trial), sorry. As for the errors in the screenshot, they seem to be more due to ofx version or an ofx plugin issue than an Orbbec software release. Perhaps the Visual Studio version you’re using is not compatible?”
( Update for latest Astra SDK and libskeleton. by JoshBlake · Pull Request #1 · elliotwoods/ofxOrbbec · GitHub</t )

Same with features like Unity3d SDK …

Without all this things the persee is a little bit useless for the most applications.

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I developed, on c++, my own Body Skeleton Tracker/Detection, it’s detect the joints of head, shoulders, elbows and hands, no legs yet. Check:


It may be useful, while the official Orbbec body skeleton is not released. The code is available on github: GitHub - derzu/BodySkeletonTracker: Human body skeleton detection an tracking from video camera in


So there is no skeleton tracking in Orbbec Astra SDK ?

ORBBEC as integrated their in house Skeletal tracking middleware with the 2.0 orbbec astra beta SDK - but once the SDK comes out of BETA the skeletal system will require a licence fee for use. BUT the exact cost of that licence fee has not yet been publicly announced.