Cannot run samples on OS X

Would appreciate some help. Just received my Orbbec Astra. Followed the intructions in the ‘read me’ file. When I try to run, for example, the simple hand viewer, I receive an error (see below). If someone is able to give me detailed instructions on how to solve this, I would surely appreciate it . . . OS 10.10.5 Yosemite

Last login: Wed Jan 20 21:05:45 on ttys000
ffaadmins-MacBook-Pro:~ wmackwood$ /Users/wmackwood/Documents/Tech\ Research/AstraSDK-0.4.0-20151014T193346Z-osx-x64/samples/build/bin/SimpleHandViewer-SFML ; exit;
2016-01-20 21:07:57,354 WARN [context] Hold on to yer butts
2016-01-20 21:07:57,355 INFO [context] configuration path: /Users/wmackwood/Documents/Tech Research/AstraSDK-0.4.0-20151014T193346Z-osx-x64/lib/astra.toml
2016-01-20 21:07:57,355 INFO [context] log file path: astra.log
2016-01-20 21:07:57,355 INFO [context] plugin path: /Users/wmackwood/Documents/Tech Research/AstraSDK-0.4.0-20151014T193346Z-osx-x64/lib/Plugins/
2016-01-20 21:07:57,356 INFO [] Initializing OpenNI v2.3.0.15
2016-01-20 21:07:57,356 WARN [] Failed to initialize OpenNI: LibraryHandler: Couldn’t load library liborbbec.dylib
DeviceDriver: library handle is invalid for file liborbbec.dylib
Couldn’t understand file ‘liborbbec.dylib’ as a device driver
Found no valid drivers

2016-01-20 21:07:57,358 INFO [astra.plugins.xs.XSPlugin] Initializing XS plugin
2016-01-20 21:07:58,172 INFO [context] client opening streamset: device/default
2016-01-20 21:07:58,173 INFO [streamset_catalog] default uri provided.
2016-01-20 21:07:58,173 INFO [astra.streamset] connecting to (7,0) on device/sensor0
2016-01-20 21:07:58,173 INFO [astra.streamset] connecting to (4,0) on device/sensor0
Failed to load font “Inconsolata.otf” (failed to create the font face)

Hey @wmackwood, have you installed libusb? It’s not mentioned in the docs unfortunately but is required. Try brew install libusb and hopefully that gets you running. You can take a look at my (very similarly named) thread for some more info: Can't run samples on OS X - #3 by josh

Hello @mattfelsen, that’s got it! Thank you so much. I can sleep now.

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Thanks for helping out, @mattfelsen! :slight_smile: And glad it is now working for you @wmackwood. We’ll have improved documentation in the future.

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