Orbbec Astra Pro + Unity3D in Ubuntu 16.04

Good afternoon,
I have been trying for several days to connect orbbec astra pro cameras with unity3D in ubuntu 16.04, but without success.

I installed the orbbec SDK and ran all samples without problems after continuing to install all the necessary libraries and with the help of several posts from this forum ( Astra SDK with Unity Dll Errors - #3 by thomasvandenberghe ).

I also downloaded the unity packcage from the orbbec page and ran the 3 scenes that come but the camera doesn’t detect.
It gives me the error that I show in the image:

In Windows I haven’t had any problem with Unity recognizing my camera and running the avatar or any of the 3 example scenes.

I’ve also read the similar posts suggested by the forum before opening this post, but they don’t address my problem:

thank you very much!

Hello, I’m beginner with Orbbec. I have a problem in the rotation of character. When the character is backwards to the camera, the skeleton working bad, is generate a mirror effect. How I can solve this?

Thanks for the help.